Logo & Attribution Requirements

WP Cookie is available to anyone above 18 years of age, wanting to install the WP Cookie Consent Plugin into their own website or application. Use of WP Cookie is governed by the Terms of Service. Among other things, these terms require adhering to specific guidelines on how branding for WP Cookie must be handled. The purpose of this document is to highlight these requirements.

There is a POWERED BY WP COOKIE logo and link attribution in the cookie consent notice/popup that is enabled by default for all WP Cookie plugin users. The WP Cookie Personal License Plan is meant to support small projects and give back to the community. The logo option cannot be disabled when using a free Personal License key. However, it is optional for users on other paid license plans like Commercial and Enterprise to include attribution and link back to WP Cookie via a logo or link to let the world know that their cookie consent notice is powered by WP Cookie.

Document history
Effective Date: 30. June 2020